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5 Amazing Reasons To Have Ring Kerry Road Trip

5 Amazing Reasons To Have A Ring Of Kerry Road Trip

Ireland is gifted with many roads that offer incredible views and attractions, but perhaps one of our best is the Ring of Kerry.

This circumferential road in the south-west of Ireland has been attracting visitors yearly, thanks to its wonderful scenery - majestic mountains, rugged coasts, historical buildings and heritage spots. Though there are plenty of reasons why you should visit this part of Ireland, here are our five highlighted reasons why you should have a Ring of Kerry Road Trip.

ring of kerry road trip

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1. Get To Know The Kenmare Lace Industry

The Ring of Kerry covers many towns that are worthy of your visit, but visit Kenmare if you want to experience culture and history. Founded in 1678, this heritage town boasts of many attractions, But one that you should pay attention to is its lace industry. The Poor Clare Sisters founded a convent in Kenmare and introduced to the townsfolk the art of lace making, which made this historical town famous for.

The lace industry is still celebrated even up to this day. Check out the Kenmare Lace and Design Centre where you will learn the way to make beautiful and intricate lace craft and buy souvenirs you can bring home.

The Ladies View in Killarney

The Ladies View in Killarney

2. The Ladies View In Killarney Is A Sight To See

Take it from the ladies; when they say something is beautiful, then that something IS beautiful. And this view is so beautiful they named it after the ladies. The Ladies View is a vantage point wherein you can overlook the famous Lakes of Killarney.

When Queen Victoria visited Kerry - which was then a part of her empire - her ladies-in-waiting couldn't help but be awed by how beautiful the view is, hence the name. Today, The Ladies View point is still an isolated place but you can find a bar, cafe and a gift shop nearby.

The Charlie Chaplin Statue

The Charlie Chaplin Statue

3. Charlie Chaplin Was A Fan

The Ring of Kerry didn't just attract royalties from the 19th century but movie stars of the early 20th century as well. Silent movie actor Charlie Chaplin visited Waterville, a small coastal town along the Ring of Kerry, and was so in love with the great view that he spent his vacations in the same place for more than a decade. Now, you can visit Waterville and spend time where Chaplin frequented. There’s a statue on the sea-side of the road where you can take pictures at - a perfect stopover for your Ring of Kerry road trip.

Derrynane Beach

Derrynane Beach

4. Some Of The Best Beaches In Ireland

With soft green hills overlooking the soft, white sands of Derrynane Beach, you will instantly forget all the cares away once you have a glimpse of the view and feel the cool, salty air. This is one reason why you should have a Ring of Kerry road trip, especially if you want to relax and unwind. Other attractions near the beach include the well-preserved Derrynane House, the home of Daniel O’Connell who is one of Ireland’s greatest politicians in the 19th century.

Skellig Chocolates

Skellig Chocolates

5. Finally... Chocolates!

For all the sweet tooth visitors out there, If chocolate is your favourite dessert, then head to the Skellig Chocolate factory along the Skellig Ring Road and sample some amazing chocolates for free. Though this may be a marketing stint for them but who cares? If you can taste as much chocolate as you want then you’re always on the winning side.

And For Coffee Lovers

If you are planning on having a Ring of Kerry road trip soon and you are a coffee lover then be sure to pop into The Bookshelf Coffee House in Tralee were we serve the best coffee in Tralee as well as well the best brunch! See you there and enjoy Ireland.

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