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Skellig Islands why Skelling Island is a must visit

You may recognize the Skellig Islands as the remote location that houses Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Force Awakens but there is more to these islands than their brief film career. These two islands have a rich and riveting history and are absolutely a must see location for anyone that loves a good adventure. These extraordinary islands are great for anyone that is looking to combine fitness with world traveling, are home to animal populations that are among some of the diverse worldwide and they are a bold representation of religious history. The Skellig Islands are comprised of the larger island that was featured in the film, called Skellig Michael and a smaller island called called Little Skellig.

The Michael Skellig Stairs

These islands off the southwest coast of Ireland are a wonderful place to visit for those that love a good hike. As you may have seen in the latest released installment of the Star Wars franchise this location is a great place to visit if you want to physically challenge yourself. Michael Skellig boasts a challenging 600 plus steps that lead to an ancient Christian monastery that is still an attraction for folks all over the world. The steps are are a great way to engage with the environment and a dream for fitness buffs.

The Ferry Ride

Just getting to the islands is an beautiful experience in itself. In order to visit the Skellig Islands a ferry ride is required and the view is nothing short of breathtaking. The remote islands are a striking image to behold. Watching the islands come into view as you approach on water is an experience that is unmatched and when you land on the island there’s even more in store.

ferry ride to skellig island

Ferry Ride to Skellig Island.


If you are a birder, the Skellig Islands are a real treat. The location is known throughout birding communities for its diverse and plentiful seabird population. Even if you are not a bird watcher you are sure to be intrigued by the seabirds in this remote paradise.

Aquatic Life

The waters surrounding the Skellig Islands has a plethora of sea life as well. In addition to being a well known location for the amazing seabird population, the islands are also home to an enchanting aquatic world all it’s own and back up on Michael Skellig the adventure into unknown worlds continues with the Christian Monastery.

The Monastery

The Monastery is a relic from the time of early Christian settlements. Between the sixth century and the eighth century this monastery was built for a group of Christian monks. There’s are crosses and a medieval church on the Skellig Michael and the monastery is widely regarded as a  symbol of Christian history and world history.

So whether you love to explore the unknown, physically challenge yourself or just want to take a little time to see a new face of Ireland or appreciate the natural world the Skellig Islands have something for everyone. These islands are a must visit location for all travelers.

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